Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Special Thai Visitor

Sawaddee Ka! The Essex Elementary School Learning Center has gone Thai! Our special guest educator, Thitima Muakphet, fondly known as Cherry, has been spending the fall months at EES. Cherry teaches 8th and 9th grade social studies in Samutprakarn,
Thailand, but she will be spending the school year in our district.

Last week the children of EES had a very special treat. Each class entered the Learning Center to find the lights dimmed, beautiful Thai music playing softly, and Mrs. Scrimgeour, Mrs. Doble and Cherry dressed in festive Thai costumes.

The children were introduced to traditional Thai shadow-puppets, and then watched a shadow-puppet show of the story “Why Frog and Snake Never Play Together,” a pourquoi-style of tale that explains why something is the way it is.  

Cherry showed pictures of Thailand, including some of their important customs for children and their teachers. Each child received a small booklet on which she had written each child’s name in the Thai alphabet (which has 44 characters!). 

Children also learned to greet each other in Thai. Girls greet others by saying “Sawaddee Ka,” and boys return the greeting with “Sawaddee Krab.”

The children thoroughly enjoyed this cultural exchange. Thank you, Thitima Muakphet!  Kob Kun Ka, Cherry!

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