Thursday, September 29, 2011

Transformation in the Library

Just over a week ago a group of Kindergartners made an exciting discovery: a Monarch caterpillar had somehow managed to form a chrysalis under our "mushroom" table.

It was an incredible sight.  "How did it get there?," was the most frequent question.   We can only guess that as a caterpillar it found its way out of the netting, down the table leg, crawled across the great divide of the carpet until it found a place that is peaceful and tranquil: our mushroom table in the garden area.  

It must have thought to itself, "Here's a perfect place to rest inside my chrysalis for awhile."  And so it rested...

On Thursday morning the chrysalis was black.  If you look carefully, you can see the wing pattern through the chrysalis shell:

The children were intrigued.

The resolution is not perfect, but the images are magical nonetheless!

This video clip is taken with a Flip camera and captures the entire emergence. It too is blurry, unfortunately:

And here she is, resting in our incubator net before being released:

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