Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Reading Makes Cents

     Our school is participating in a “Reading Makes Cents” Challenge as part of this year’s book fair events. The money raised during this challenge will be used to purchase children’s books that will be donated to the families at COTS (Committee on Temporary Shelter).

     Here’s the challenge: Can our students read 100,000 minutes by November 16th? It sounds like an impossible goal, but if all students were to read 30 minutes a day for two weeks, we could easily reach that goal before the end of our book fair. Can we do it? YES, WE CAN!

     Here’s how it works: we are asking students to bring in one penny for every 10 minutes of reading, so if your child reads thirty minutes one night, they would bring in 3 cents. We count all kinds of reading: reading by yourself, being read-aloud to, listening to books on cd, reading aloud to a younger sibling. Pennies may be brought in to the Learning Center, where we will count them daily. We’ll have a “Reading Thermometer” to show how close we are getting to our goal of 100,000 minutes.

Questions? Please contact Mrs. Scrimgeour 857-2140 or


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