Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dr. Bookster visits EES!

Dr. Bookster takes the pulse of a book.
Every fall we always spend a couple of weeks teaching our students about taking care of their books and how to be a good book friend.  Dr. Bookster is always thrilled to drop by for a visit with the children and show them what can happen when a book is not kept in a safe place.

With her stethoscope she listens to the book's pulse to determine what has happened to it, and then shows the children the book's condition.  This year Dr. Bookster showed examples of books that were chewed by a dog, scribbled in by toddlers, food stuck to pages, pages turned in the wrong spot, water damage from a water bottle in a backpack, and a broken binding from being dropped.

     Children can be a good book friend by keeping their books in a safe place that is away from pets and very young children who don't know how to care for books.  Designating one or two safe places in the home also helps children remember where their books are in the home, which makes it easy to bring them back to the Learning Center to choose new ones. 

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