Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Strange Thing Happened While Reading a Book!

Yesterday something very odd happened.  While waiting for my son to finish playing in a golf tournament in Middlebury, I sat in the shade with a box of new library books to read.  It was a very hot day, and the air shimmered in the heat.  Everything was very still.  I started reading the book pictured on the left: Chipmunk's Hole by Dee Phillips, Bearport, c2012.  What a wonderful nonfiction book this is!  I was soon engrossed.  I can't wait to show it to my students and teachers as a great example of nonfiction elements.  Not only does it have a Table of Contents, loads of great photos, labels, maps, fact windows, words in bold, and a glossary, but the text is so appropriate for the children in my school.

The strange part is coming up...  As I was reading along, enjoying the pictures and information, I became aware of a rustling sound in the leaves near where I was sitting.  I glanced down and lo and behold there was a chipmunk looking up at me.  Did it just wink at me?  She? He? paused for a moment before scampering away and popping into a small opening.  I didn't have time to take a picture of the chipmunk, but I did get one of the hole. 


 Just like in the book!
 How cool is that?

Here's another hole I found.
Could it be another entrance?

Reading this book brings to mind another wonderful book about chipmunks: Chipmunk Song.   Joanne Ryder first published this book in 1987 by Dutton Children's Books with illustrations by Lynne Cherry, and it belongs in every child's repertoire.  It is a delightful, fantastical exploration by a young boy in a chipmunk's burrow.  Not to be missed!
The next book in my box to read is a picture book entitled King Arthur's Very Great Grandson, by Kenneth Kraegel, Candlewick Press, c2012.  I am almost afraid to open it.  What might scurry by while I am reading it???

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